So Rihanna has a few catchy tunes… that make it to number 1…but can they stand the test of time?


We think not…Rih Rih took to the stage at the Brit Awards with rapper Drake to pull off a raunchy performance of her debut single, ‘Work’ taken from her current album, ‘Anti’.


Talk show host and shade throwing gossip Queen, Wendy Williams raised some eyebrows on one of her “Hot Topics” segments, as she went in hard on her thoughts about the Bajan singers musical success. In a lineup of legendary singers who have attained lots of number 1 hits, the 28-year-old pop star was ranked beating Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Madonna and Stevie Wonder! Yes really!! She is only 4 numbers 1’s away from beating Mariah Carey and 6 from the Beatles.


How you ask? Just how has Rihanna made into into the same rankings as real legendary musicians?


Well, can we assume that number 1’s aren’t as hard to obtain as they once were in the now digital age, not only to mention that today’s fans of stars are no joke and they go hard for their faves.


Wendy confidently spoke out:


“This Rihanna will not be a legend. Nope. Beyonce will do her residency in Vegas at 55 years old and you will see her. Rihanna will attempt to do it. Rihanna is good for right now, but she’s not a legend. Nor will she be.”


Rihanna gains a lot of publicity often by her crazy style, hairdos, wildness and uniqueness. It’s clearly not about her vocals…and whether it’s bad press or good…crazy and out there she gives everyone something to talk about. And she be all up in it! We all know the more success Rih Rih makes is the more haters she makes.


The definition of a legend is amazing vocals that make an impact, creativity, writing, etc…


How can she top the legend who will always hold the title… MJ! He was a writer of his own songs, composer, vocalist, director, dancer, choreographer…had input on what he wanted. Not a manufactured piece. Originality was his trait! Let’s face it, you never really want to here the two names linked in anyway, unless in reference to a sample used or something.


Wendy carried on to say;


“Because she’s younger, she identifies with her fans more than other artists do, Mariah does not have four hot singles left in her soul.


“If you go see Mariah in Vegas, you don’t want to hear new music. Madonna does not have new music in her. We want to hear ‘Vogue’ and stuff. I’m also shocked that Beyonce is no where on this list.

“If I could only buy one concert ticket [between Beyonce or Rihanna], I would still buy Beyonce’s,” she continued. Wendy then polled the audience and the cheers were overwhelmingly Team Bey.



I don’t think Rihanna should be up against, greats like, Beatles, Mariah, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Supremes and Whitney…no way is she part of that category of legends! They’ve made more than a mark, and Rihanna hasn’t been around half as long as them.


Now, putting aside Wendy’s comments regarding Rihanna’s legendary status or lack there of, and if we are all honest, Rih fans or not, she doesn’t hold the talents as the artists mentioned above. But with all that said, and fully understood, it seems like Wendy has a distaste for Rihanna. The 51-year-old former radio personality seems dead set on letting the world know that she thinks Rihanna ain’t sh*t, whether speaking on her career or dating life. It is more than a known fact that Wendy is outspoken and really cares less on your feelings and will speak her mind.
Watch from the 2:14-8:40 mark, below:

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