Well, this is…erm…strange.


Pop star Rita Ora stopped by Capital FM for Max Akhtar’s radio show along side Sigma where she took part in a game of Instaoke, covering Drake‘s new single ‘Hotline Bling‘ and Adele‘s tear jerker ‘Hello.


Whilst performing Drake’s hit in its traditional form, Rita decided to switch it up for her rendition of Adele’s song. When presented with ‘Hello’ as the next song to take on in the game, the X Factor judge keeps it real and immediately shares her reservations of performing the song, fearing it may be a vocal challenge.


What does Rita do to overcome her fears? Something we’re sure she would tell her group of X Factor contestants….”make it your own.” Which is exactly what she did by singing it in a different language, in fact for some unknown reason it was sang in a completely made-up language.



Check the video out, below:




You Feeling It?





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