Seems like this is the break up season in the Entertainment Industry! From the many couples breaking up, to now know Rita Ora is parting ways with her Record Label Roc Nation.


Apparently, Rita had taken Jay Z imprint to court over issues concerning the unsatisfactory treatment of her music. Which ended up in court allegedly because Ora thought that the label was stifling her music career. Now she plans to re-emerge, possibly reinvent her image, coming out more experienced with the culture of the industry, mostly likely with more awareness to avoid the often scandalous innuendo that has tended to taint the songstresses image.




Is Rita Ora ‘Becky’?


Hopefully, this new label that she is rumored to have signed on with, Warner Music, they will be able to come to a compromise that will be comfortable for all parties involved.


Are you waiting for new music for Miss Ora?



Written by Leelee

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