Just as we may have thought that the storm of  the break-up between Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels may have passed, Safaree lets the world know he isn’t quite done just yet.


In new track ‘Love The Most‘ the Brooklyn rapper expresses his disappointment in how she treated him during their relationship.


After being kept as a secret for the past few years, seeing your ex who now seems to be down for publicly displaying their new partner, it’s fair to say, it might leave a bitter taste in your mouth, right?!


The Brooklyn native raps:


Behind doors I’m the man

Calculated and planned

What a shame it took a split for them to know I was your man

Got so tired of hiding

Head high with no pride in it

Guess I wasn’t cool enough cause in our pictures we hiding it

Every time it went south I be sleeping on the couch

Hotel room for one

Thinking what is this about

I took the good with the bad

Over years I was mad

In our pictures you’ll be smiling

But inside I’m feeling sad


Safaree also mentions Meek Mill without, well, mentioning him;


Had to watch kiss Nas and pretend it’s cool

Inside I was feeling like a muhf***in fool

Life revolved around the beach

Show me a man that won’t cheat

Said I was overreacting but you did like him

Said I was overreacting guess you did like him



After listening to the track, it’s hard not to feel for Safaree. At the same time it can’t be helped to think that sometimes you have to let things go and move on. Although it may be difficult.


Well, Nicki Minaj was not going to be joining the S.B. pity party anytime soon as this week was her turn in celebrity tweet in response to the track.


In the tweets Nicki reveals that Safaree cheated on her and this may just be his comeuppance.


Peep the later deleted tweets below:


The head Barb made sure not to delete the tweets where she openly professes her love for her current man Meek, as a last little dig to her ex-boyfriend.


Whilst later stating that her relationship with Safaree deserves its props for the length it lasted, especially with their ages considered.



Well, there you have it folks, another chapter in the break-up for Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuels. Will this be the last of it? Let’s hope so, it cannot be healthy to keep dragging up the past for either parties involved.


If you still haven’t fully heard Safaree’s side of the story, listen to his new song below:



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