Employee or partner in love? For a long time it seemed as though Safaree Samuels a.k.a S.B. was on Nicki’s payroll as her hypeman.

This was until we discovered the two were linked romantically. Although this it was never actually confirmed or denied by either party until they had already broken up!


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Well, Safaree stopped by The Breakfast Club 105.1 to let us know how he really felt about their relationship being kept secret and introducing her to her now new boyfriend Meek Mill? He discussed everything from lap dances for Drake to marriage and his decision to call time on their relationship.


It is what it is,” seemed to be Safaree’s catch phrase throughout the interview and judging by what he’s saying this became a term he lived by throughout his relationship with Nicki Minaj, as he felt he received little respect as her boyfriend.

We aren’t going to giveaway too much, watch it for yourself. It’s a good interview, check it out:


This was a revealing interview for sure! We knew nothing about the private lives of the ex-lovers. What was more interesting is Safaree letting it be known that he would assist Nicki in making her hits including writing her rhymes.

Here’s why, Nicki Minaj has always made a point of stating that she writes her own bars, whether it’s mentioned in her music or what some would call a shade-filled acceptance speech for an award. Additionally, she has made it abundantly clear over the past four years that she is a boss who wants to be taken seriously as a business woman and seen as equal to her male counterparts.

In Safaree’s interview he may not necessarily be speaking against Nicki or giving any form of shade, but he certainly is painting a picture for us all.

Can we take a minute for the ferret fuuuuur gilet… who is the celebrity here? We kid, we kid…

nicki minaj


What is your take on this all? And who do you prefer to see Nicki with?

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