“I wanna say 1 thing cuz ppl like to take bs and run with it..”


And in this weeks updates of I write my own raps,Β Safaree Samuels may be slightly back pedaling after claims of writing raps for Nicki Minaj.




Lets be honest here, from what we remember of his visit to The Breakfast Club 105.1 Samuels’ had said he was present when rhymes were being written and may even have lent a helping hand. Is that the same as writing someone’s raps?


Either way whether he wrote or co-wrote… The mess continues! Nicki’s ex Safaree is now apologising for his words been taken ‘the wrong way‘, and judging by his tweets, the praising of Nicki and her talents – they clearly had a conversation!



Peep his tweets below:



Oh and you know the Barbz weren’t happy with what was said either so Safaree did a tweet specially for them:




Your thoughts?

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