My oh my how the tables have turned!


Remember that rapper Sage the Gemini who wrote that amazingly romantic open letter on Instagram to his ex-girlfriend and singer Jordin Sparks begging her back? Well it seems as though he is now singing a different tune.


teamcurtainssageandjordanhappyYes for those of you unfamiliar with the story, back in 2015, the then newly discovered rapper Sage the Gemini began dating American Idol winner and alumni, Jordin Sparks. Gemini and Sparks went very public with their relationship, often posting photos together on Instagram or pictured by paparazzi when out and about.  However 10 months into the relationship the loving couple split and their breakup was just as publicized as their dating life.




As we previously reported, amidst the frenzy of celeb news during Grammy week, Sage the Gemini posted a picture of himself and Sparks on social media captioned with small essay essentially pouring his heart out and begging the ‘Battlefield’ beauty back and even releasing a son in her honor titled ‘I’ll Keep Loving You’. (read here) Well now a recording of a private phone conversation between Sage and his ex-girlfriend (whom he dated before Jordin) has surfaced. In the recording, you can hear Sage bash his relationship with the singer saying “it was f**** horrible, it was f**** dumb” just days before he made the infamous post confessing his love for her. He even goes as far to say “I wanted to stab her”….Oooo…Lets just say we now understand why he’s called Gemini.


Hit the 12 minute mark on the video below and take a listen:




Ooo Chile!


Maybe we’ve been watching too much of The People Vs. OJ Simpson but we don’t like the way he said ” I wanted to stab her”.


Jordin, what are we gonna do with him?! We can now see why Ms. Sparks hasn’t been texting you back Sage…Negro you crazy! Now we understand being caught up in the heat of the moment and making flippant remarks about your significant other. Heck, we have a few ex boyfriends we’d like to strangle, ourselves (but not really) So we don’t see too much harm in that context, however its hard to understand how he could speak so ill of his ex in private one day and then profess his love for her to the public the next week??




Sage even went on to say that Sparks wasn’t “regular”, complaining that he couldn’t just call her and say “I’m picking you up”. Well we hate to break it to you Mr. Gemini but that’s what happens when you date another musician, you can’t just dictate her whereabouts. If you wanted to date a regular girl then maybe you should have stayed with the regular chick who recorded you and put you on blast.


All in all, based on the recording, Sage made the entire relationship sound like a huge publicity stunt. So now were wondering if his post on Instagram was just as fraudulent? It is funny how we only hear about Sage when he’s  talking about Jordin…hmmm. What do you all think Sage the Gemini and his rants?



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Written by Mack

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