Now isn’t this some mess! British singer Rita Ora wants to see the end of her contract with Roc Nation, after filing a complaint suit on Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court.


Rita is said to want the record company to be declared in violation of the Californian ‘Seven Year Rule’ after only releasing one album in 2012 since signing with the company in 2008. The lawsuit is said to cite Roc Nation’s other business ventures in sports management and Tidal Music streaming service to have left the star feeling like a forgotten step-child with her career being left on the back burner.


According to PEOPLE, the 25-year-old the ‘Body On Me’ singer felt that the ‘revolving door of executives’ lead her to believe that ‘she no longer had a relationship with anyone at the company,’ with claims of the relationship with Roc Nation being ‘irrevocably damaged.’


This is said to be in vast contrast to when an 18-year-old Ora joined the label, the Senior executives were very hands on in the singers career.






Roc Nation is now seen as a shell of its former self as the lawsuit depicts the record label as ‘diminished’ with ‘only a handful of admittedly worthy heritage superstar artists.’ Even with a lack of support from the label, Rita had to take matters into her own hands as she continued to press forward with her career which meant footing the bill for her projects and promotional appearances.


Well, this certainly explains the question some have of her relevance in America, Roc Nation was paying her no mind. If you’re now questioning where this leaves her relationship with Jay Z? The suit states that Rita found Jay Z to be “an incredible partner at the label” prior to the company’s change in direction. So that’s something we guess.


If your stateside wondering what else Rita has been up to, Ora appears a judge on The X-Factor UK and recently put a music video for a collaboration with Sigma called ‘Coming Home,’ check the video, here:



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