Are you up to date with Basketball Wives La? Let’s quickly recap the last few episodes before we see this week’s reunion


In Episode 10, it’s made clear to Jackie Christie once again that Malaysia Pargo doesn’t consider her a real friend, at least for now. Jackie doesn’t take well to this news so throws shade at her ‘Shade is when you put on lipstick for a man you DO have!’
After confronting her Malaysia asks her to leave her event. As far as Jackie is concerned, the two of them are officially over…..again.




Shaunie O’Neil has a plan! She invites all the girls to Puerto Rico to bond and try to resolve their issues (AKA provoke arguments and bring the ratings in!) All the girls are invited except Draya Michele, who is way out of the picture now… after dropping out the series early. We think she did this to avoid having to go to the reunion and avoid meeting up with Tami Roman, because let’s be real, Tami would bully her the first chance she got. Draya knows how to avoid a rough situation, we’ll give her that.


The girls all head to Puerto Rico less Jackie and Angel Brinks, who decide the trip might not be best for them considering their current relationship with Malaysia.


Tami’s issue with Brandi Maxiell is that she always jumps in to defend Malaysia and comes across very defensive. The girls discuss how they would be if Jackie arrived later on in the trip. Tami makes it clear that if she did arrive and the Malaysia and Brandi got into a fight with her, she would have to step in. The two ladies take this as a threat and kindly let her know they’re ready for anything.


Everyone seems to get on for the remainder of the episode, but like clockwork whenever this happens, someone shows up to ruin it all. Enter Jackie and Angel.


Over the final two episodes, it’s clear that Shaunie and Tami are laughing at the girls drama, almost as if they are above them…well at least this is how Brandi and Malaysia see it. The ladies sit down for one final dinner where they hash out their issues for the last time. This leads to a very tense argument with Shaunie and Brandi. See what we mean below:



Sigh.. So Shaunie wants to get involved in the drama but can’t have an argument without using her power as an executive producer? Interesting.. So this begs the question: Do you think Brandi Maxiell will appear on the next season of Basketball Wives LA, or will she be cut?
Take a look at a sneak peek of this weeks reunion.




Roll on Sunday!




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