When your son gifts you gold grillz for your 45th birthday… So hype!


This week Jaden Smith made an original gesture when he gifted his hot mama Jada Pinkett-Smith with a lower case grill. Of course, showing off her bday pressie, the actress took a selfie showing off her new smile.



We all love The Smith’s and their love for each other, so our heart melted when her husband Will Smith posted a collage showing off his love for his wife on Facebook, captioned:


“Happy Birthday, My Queen. I’m looking forward to loving you through a thousand more hairdos!”



Everyone knows they have two of the coolest kids in the world! Speaking in a recent interview, Willow and Jaden talked about the relationship with their parents, how much of a huge inspiration they are.


“My parents are definitely my biggest role models, And that’s where me and Willow both pull all of our inspiration from to change the world. It all comes from a concept of affecting the world in a positive way and leaving it better than it was than when we came.”



“I wouldn’t be the way that I am without you. There’s no way for me to express to you or anybody how I truly feel about you because it’s not a feeling, it’s the living of my life that’s an expression of you. I’m really like a painting or movie that you have made somehow.” He added


Happy belated birthday Jada Pinkett-Smith – you’re gorgeous! 




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