How would you handle your ex-lover leaking your personal pictures/ home-made videos you made together?!


Nikki Murdarris of Love & Hip-Hop:Hollywood is experiencing a Mimi and Nikko situation. Her and ex-boyfriend Mally Mall have had a SEX TAPE suddenly dropped online and she says she didn’t leak it. Nikki took it to Twitter and Instagram to clear her name but we must say something ain’t adding up about this story she is telling.


For the press?! #NikkiMudarris has a leaked sextape with her ex #MallyMall. Have you seen it yet?!

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She took to Instagram to write:


I really wanted to ignore this but since everyone is asking I’ll make this publicly known. This was a total violation of my privacy. I wasn’t aware this would be public and even more shocked that the world was able to see me in an intimate moment, this was someone I was in a relationship. This is beyond embarrassing and hurtful. I would never consent to doing such a thing. But let me warn you, ladies.. Be careful who your sleeping with, he may be your enemy… I can’t even explain the feeling but things will be dealt with. Evil people never prevail. This was someone I once trusted/confide in and it just really opens your eyes to be careful who your with and what you do.   Hmmm… It is all we can say! What we really want to know is why Nikki claimed that she wasn’t even aware that he was recording when she clearly is in a sex position facing exactly into the camera…We can see your face Boo Boo Kitty! When will these ladies stop playing victim and just say “yes me and my man at the time was so into each other that we decided to tape ourselves,” just accept that it is out and turn that negative into a positive. At least Mimi and Nikko played their little game out and got their coin’t and a little 15 minutes of fame proudly. Nikki stop lying and just own it baby, we are still going to love you and watch you and your cast mates on LHHH every Monday night.


Following the craziness Chris Brown‘s ex/ Wilhelmina model Karrueche Tran‘s manager added his two pence on the situation, tweeting:        



Is This A Publicity Stunt?




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