Hopefully we weren’t the only ones still watching Basketball Wives: LA. If you are not up-to-date then you may have missed one of the more interesting episodes. Let’s update you quickly with all the reads and shade that was thrown on the last episode before tonight’s viewing.


Tami Roman is back and is ready to read the other ladies on how she’s feeling about all of their recent friendship drama that they have been dealing with. In this episode they continue from the cancer event that Jackie Christie and Brandi Maxiell held in order to raise money towards ovarian cancer, and just like old times a Basketball Wives event can’t go right without a little bit of drama.



Do you remember on the recap from the last episode: Brandi and Draya Michele‘s friendship faced minor bump when Draya told Brandi that her storyline on the show is boring and no one cares about her cancer story… Draya seems to be letting it all out this season and not caring about who feelings she is hurting in the process, maybe Draya’s recent tweets on how this will be her last season on the show have something to do with it?! Since her insensitive behaviour Draya has apologised for her hurtful words in two-part Instagram post & Brittish Williams responded.


In the most recent episode the beef between Jackie and Malaysia Pargo seems to be popping back up, or should we say Tami is slow stirring the pot between these two women?! Tami had a beach date with Malaysia and the topic of conversation was her relationship with Jackie and while explaining their difficult relationship Malaysia expressed that Jackie and her are not friends, just yet. Tami later met with Jackie to fill her in on the discussion that took place with Malaysia, but Jackie took it and ran with it literally.


While at Malaysia’s bedding event Tami brought up the conversation she had with both ladies and Jackie threw major shade which sent Malaysia a message that their mending relationship is now over… eeek!


Oh you haven’t caught up with the episode yet, watch it here:




Will these ladies ever fix their relationships?



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