Love and War rings true as reports are circulating that Tamar Braxton and her husband Vince have got into it at an Atlanta hotel this weekend. The incident led to the police being called and allegedly Tamar possibly needing stitches to her finger after being bitten.


An eyewitness from the hotel outlined what had transpired, via Love B Scott:


“Tamar Called the police on Vince last night at the Ritz Carlton Buckhead Atlanta, where I work. Officer Sanders of APD came out to investigate. They have had multiple domestic abuse issues in the past, but this time there’s evidence.

“Anyone who works with the Braxtons knows, that Tamar & Vince literally fist [sic] fight. Then they do a video after to dispel rumors, but the real tension is because Tamar has a new manager, who is Steve Harvey’s manager.

“After being dropped from Epic Records, and fired from the Real, Tamar hired new management, which has left Vince feeling some type of way.”



Never to make light of serious issues such as domestic violence, although we may find it shocking to hear of the alleged incident, we find it less so at the accusations of biting being involved…Vince looks like a biter.


If these rumours are true, we hope this couple can get the help they need to overcome these issues, especially as they have a child together. Arguments leading to physical violence is never OK, and should never be accepted by either party involved.



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