These are some kisses Kelly may want to keep down low!


Yes, for those of you who may have been living under a rock, singer Kelly Rowland is putting together a girl group based on her experience as 1/3 of the best-selling girl group Destiny’s Child and the entire process is being documenting on her new reality show aptly titled Chasing Destiny.


Well the series is now facing quite the scandal since video has surfaced of one of Rowland’s prospective girl group members displaying some questionable behavior. The young lady’s name is Gabby, who is known for her earthy and sporty style and mousey demeanor but she shocked everyone when she was recognized in a viral online video where she is seen French kissing several random strangers as part of “prank” as well as stimulating their other senses.


Check out the clip after the jump:

(Hit the 2:18 minute mark for the obvious awkward erection)



Ooooh..chile! We’re not sure what kind of prank that was…but we can only imagine what April Fools must be like for Gabby.


On the most recent episode of Chasing Destiny, Gabby was announced as an official pick for Rowland’s girl group. In the upcoming episode teaser Kelly is faced with the decision of whether or not she may have to cut kissing bandit from the group all together, as she is worried that the Gabby could possibly only be in it for the fame and attention.


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Written by Mack

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