Seems as though the Beyhive aren’t the only ones swarming to Beyoncé’s defense after the release of her latest visual album, Lemonade.


Recording artist and television presenter, Jamelia Davis wrote an open letter to “journalist” Piers Morgan, addressing his most recent controversial comments regarding the HBO special.


In his comments, Piers Morgan accused Mrs. Carter of exploiting the #BlackLivesMatter movement to gain publicity for her album Lemonade. Well, Jamelia had a lot to say in response as she attempted to educate Morgan on the ignorance of his statements. She even called him a “middle-aged, British white man” and told Morgan “[The Album] wasn’t made for you”


Check out this excerpt from her open letter to Piers Morgan:


You are a middle-aged, British white man, you have no idea, I repeat, NO. IDEA. What it is like to be a Black Woman. And furthermore, the sacrificial, struggle-filled, tongue-biting, mask-wearing fight it is to become a successful one […] Beyoncé’s album is not an attack on anyone, it is a celebration of strength, endurance and potential within black womanhood. The fact that you are mad/uncomfortable/agitated about it, is evidence enough of how blind you are to the realities of being one. […] Whether or not you feel the involvement of the grieving mothers to be in poor taste, is irrelevant. The brutality & racism being faced by black people daily is what is relevant…and Beyoncé has you talking about it, i’d say it’s a job well done.


To read the FULL letter click HERE


Piers, being the self-involved human he is, caught wind of Jamelia’s letter and of course couldn’t help but to fire back.



Ugh!! Sounds like Lemonade still has someone a little bitter.


Obviously Morgan didn’t read the letter in its entirety because he still just doesn’t get it. As a black person in America, which Beyoncé is, the #BlackLivesMatter movement directly affects her.


While Beyoncé may be in a privileged position as a black woman, who also happens to be a multi-millionaire, it still does not make her immune to racism and other issues that target the black community.


What are your thought’s on Piers Morgan’s comments? Do you agree with Jamelia?

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Written by Mack

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