The two rappers are being sued by victims of the railing collapse incident!


The 44-year old ‘Doggystyle’ entertainer Snoop Dogg, 28-year old ‘Black & Yellow’ performer Wiz Khalifa, and the owner of the B&T Pavilion in Camden are being sued by several concert-goers who experienced injuries after the venue’s railing collapsed. Remember, the two famous rappers are head of a tour together. The duo announced that they would co-headline the High Road Tour this summer across North America.




But on August 5th, at least 42 people were injured when a security barrier collapsed during the concert at BB&T pavillion in Camden, New Jersey. Several people were hospitalized after the collapse. The video of the scene went around social media. You can see a bunch of people falling, apparently the rappers hadn’t noticed the situation quickly.



Snoop and Wiz reportedly yelled “Everybody in the motherf*cking grass, bring you a** down here“, just before the barrier broke, according to the lawsuit. The lawsuit filed in a Philadelphia court identifies 17 plaintiffs – 14 concertgoers and three venue employees; including one who suffered a fractured spine.

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Written by @Midorie_Claire

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