Is this the most shocking revelation of the year so far? No, this in fact is the exact opposite of whatever shocking news is.


Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’s Mimi Faust sat down with Us Weekly to come clean on the fact that her and her then boyfriend Niko London‘s sex tape was not ‘leaked’ but staged.


Instead of the airport theft that we were all led to ‘believe’ took place, the truth is there was in fact a production team and a whole marketing plan behind the world getting a peak into the ‘privacy’ of Mimi and Niko’s bedroom….and bathroom of course. Surely the famed shower scene hasn’t been forgotten already along with the tape?


Just as we thought the celebrity sex tape news period was over, it appears not, sure sex will always sell and folks are still trying to get those nickels and dimes.


Check out Mimi’s confession below:




Shock horror. Are We Over This Story Already?



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