Once again, things are getting REAL for ‘Love & War’ singer, Tamar Braxton.


As we exclusively reported, R&B singer and talk show host Tamar Braxton and her husband Vincent Herbert are allegedly calling it quits after eight years of marriage. Reports claim that it all began earlier this year when Tamar was seen in NYC during Father’s Day weekend with another man. After this incident, Vince allegedly had his suspicions about his wife’s fidelity and hired a private detective to investigate and what he found out was a bitter pill to swallow.


According to our sources, Braxton had supposedly been cheating on her husband for quite some time with another “high profile man.” But the the even bigger news is that this high profile man is allegedly married as well. Many are even speculating that this mystery man is comedian and game show host, Steve Harvey.


Remember, Steve Harvey was instrumental in Tamar’s most recent career bounce back. After Braxton was fired from the hit daytime talk show The REAL, Harvey signed the reality star to produce and headline her own talk show backed by the comedian’s production company, 112th Street Productions. (which was announced in early June of 2016, around Father’s Day).


Reportedly, Vince then confronted Tamar about her infidelity and they had a “huge blowout” in front of two other people. According to our friends over at BET.com, the argument was so intense that the couple reportedly “cut everyone in the room a check to keep quiet.”


Sources close to the couple say:


“He doesn’t know who Tamar is anymore. He says she’s not the same woman he married eight years ago, […] She’s too busy going on vacations to worry about the drama at home. He has the baby and that’s the only thing he’s concerned about.”


Woo chile, this is a mess!


We here at TeamCurtains are huge Tamaratians, so we’re taking this story with a grain of salt and a giving it a major side eye. However, it’s not uncommon for our favorite Hollywood couples to abruptly end in scandal, so if this is true, it is extremely sad for every one involved. Especially Tamar and Vince’s adorable three year old son, Logan.


Braxton has yet to speak out to address the rumors and is currently vacationing with friend and fellow R&B singer Tameeka “Tiny” Harris, for pint-sized performer’s 41st birthday.






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Written by Mack

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