So it seems Tamar Braxton and her husband-ager Vince Herbert are okay after all?! Well at least that’s how the couple appeared on Monday night when they were spotted holding hands together, by the paparazzi, at LAX International airport.


The 39-year old ‘Love & War’ singer was reportedly caught up in a physical altercation with her sugar-rumpskins Vince, which led to the police being called out and emergency services refused after being Tay’s finger was bitten, at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Atlanta over the past weekend.


We got the couple Monday night at LAX, walking hand in hand, and asked if all is well in their marriage — after an alleged incident Sunday afternoon in Atlanta. According to police docs, officers responded to the Ritz-Carlton for a couple having a heated argument.


Vince had reportedly bolted from the hotel when cops arrived … and ultimately officers determined it was just a shouting match and there was no crime committed.




Are they covering up on their toxic relationship, or is this story some BS?




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