Well ain’t that bout a b****!


We imagine that Stacey Dash has seen the term ‘Girl Bye’ in her at mentions on social media, but this time it means so much more.

Fox News has decided to discard Miss Dash out like yesterdays old kebab, now they have gotten what they wanted from her Bozo the Clown foolery and buffoonery.

The 50-year-old former actress turned controversial commentator was released after her contract was not renewed, it has been reported.

The ‘Clueless‘ actress began her job with the news network in 2014 and mainly appeared on their afternoon program Outnumbered.

After several rants against President Barack Obama, immigration and Black History Month, to name a few, it appears that she served her purpose until now.
It came as no surprise that the social world had a lot to say once they got wind of the news.



As Stacey Dash did support the now President Donald Trump during the elections, maybe she can go and ask him for a job.



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