Well according to several celebrity news outlets this could be true!


Yes, following the recent controversy involving rumors of her husband’s sexuality, it’s safe to assume that Kim Fields will not be returning for another season of the Real Housewives franchise. With this foreseen vacancy, it is being reported that producers are on the lookout for new talent and rumor has it that their sights are set on the very ‘Clueless’ actress and Fox News correspondent herself, Stacey Dash.


teamcurtainsstaceydashoilyYou guys know Stacey Dash right? The girl we all once knew and loved who played the token side-kick Dionne in the 90’s cult classic ‘Clueless’ and then further captivated us in projects like BET’s ‘The Game’ and VH1’s hit series ‘Single Ladies’.


Though she may not be doing much acting lately (unless you count acting a fool) the hyper-republican entertainer made headlines earlier this year when she expressed her thoughts on the controversial #Oscarsowhite issue, to which she provided genius solutions such as  “getting rid of black history month” and “channels like BET.”



Well now that RHOA may be one cast member down, it seems that the show’s parent network, Bravo, might be planning to milk as much publicity from Dash as they possibly can.


A blind item was sent in to blindgossip.com saying that an “over 40 actress” was seriously considering the idea of joining RHOA.  A source close to this “actress” was quoted saying


“all the drama on the shows is just another form of acting. She sees it as an interesting acting challenge to play an exaggerated version of herself. She doesn’t particularly like the women on the show, but that would actually make it easier for her to create drama with them!”


It is further explained that this actress is not a huge movie star but is very well known, leading most to believe that the actress in question was none other than Stacey Dash.




We must admit Stacey Dash as a housewife would be…interesting to see, however we’re not sure it’s the best idea to give Dash and her particular brand of ignorance any more of a platform than she already has. It’s bad enough that we have Donald Trump walking around.


While there is no confirmation on any future casting decisions or who this mysterious actress is, we’re almost certain that we’d see Stacey Dash petitioning to get rid of all of Atlanta (in addition to her mission to eradicate BET and Black History Month) before we see her rub elbows with the likes of Porsha and Phadrea.


We say just throw NeNe back in and call it a day. BLOOP!




What are your thoughts on this hot new rumor? Do you believe it?

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Written by Mack

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