Have you heard enough covers of ‘Hello’ comeback single? Well, don’t quit just yet because here is another addition that’s worth your attention while your continue your blog troll.


Last month we posted on R&B crooner Joe Thomas’ rendition of Hello that demanded our attention on Facebook. Today we caught on that our British homegirls Stooshe who also added the hit song to add to their cover list.


stooshe hello teamcurtains


The ladies do a great job with their heartfelt take on the Adele number. We love their vocal harmonies and the simplicity of the visual that authorises you space to focus on the voice. The girls gentle approach can be appreciated by many… currently, we are looping the audio with ease as we would with any Destiny’s Child (line-up 3) remake. Note the 4:05 mark as the trio sing “I’m sorry” – they had won us over already, but it certainly was the cherry on top needed to perfect the audio presentation.



Last week we met with Stooshe at The BRIT School to discuss their sophomore album, lead single and music video ‘Lock Down‘ & hot topics such as their thoughts on UK Soul singers crossing over to the U.S.


The girls ‘Lock Down’ single is out on January 15th. Watch their ‘Hello’ cover, below:




Did You Get Into It?


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