Did you watch the Oscars last night?! Don’t worry we were reporting all the juicy bit on our social media so make sure you are connected! So what you may have missed is Dustin Lance Black put Sam Smith on twitter blast for two reasons…


The 41-year old director/screenwriter won a Best Original Screenplay Academy Award back in 2009 for his movie Milk, and he is also an openly gay male.



Last night in Sam’s acceptance speech for Best Song, he proclaimed that he may have been the first openly gay male to win an Oscar Award. Well, apparently Sam has been texting with Dustin’s fiance, Olympic champ Tom Daley, feeling unacknowledged and in his feelings after Sam’s speech, he tweeted: “Hey , if you have no idea who I am, it may be time to stop texting my fiancé. Here’s a start: , alongside a link to the YouTube video of his 2009 Oscar acceptance speech. 


Dustin Lance Black TeamCurtains.com


But that’s not it… after some sleep, he woke up to school Sam, tweeting on the importance of knowing your history.


Dustin Lance Black teamCurtains


While we agree with the above tweets, what we wanna know is, what kind of conversations has Sam been having with Tom! 😎☕️


How was this for a serving of tea?




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