It might just be getting REAL (c’mon…that was too easy) for Adrienne Bailon who seems to have got herself into a little hot water. It is being reported that the talk show host is being sued for owing her former management company Go2Man $200,000, which she is refusing to pay.


According to TMZ:


Adrienne Bailon’s playing a mean game of hide-and-seek with her management company and the $200k it’s owed … at least according to the ex-managers who are suing her.

Go2Man Management says “The Real” co-host has gone AWOL and refuses to pay fees and reimbursements she owes to the tune of at least $200k.


According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, G2M struck a 5-year deal in 2011 to rep Adrienne … and she agreed to pay them 20% of her income.


She joined “The Real” in 2013, but Go2Man says AB started going radio silent in early 2015. The company says it fired off a letter about the dough she owes, but she never paid.

We’ve reached out to Adrienne’s current reps, but so far no word back.



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