Remember Sean Kingston? Famous for hits ‘Fire Burning’ & ‘Beautiful Girls.’ Well the 26-year old singer reportedly picked up a Rolex along with a diamond bracelet with a given intention to pay the following day. But then did not return and is now being sued.


Sounds like a good desperate way to resurrect a career through media coverage and talk. Why would you even think that’s cool?


According to TMZ this statement was made:


According to the lawsuit Kingston went to Haimov Jewelers in Florida and traded in a used Rolex for a new $59,000 model, and the balance owed was $25k. The bracelet was a lot less … just $19k to buy it or $4,000 to rent.


Sean chose door #3 — pay nothing, according to the suit … even though he signed the receipt, agreeing to pay the next day.


These allegations are becoming a thing. Kingston was involved in an ongoing dispute over a $226k jewelry tab, and once claimed to have been kidnapped over another jewelry deal gone wrong.


Given his lack of recent hits his cash flow sure is flowing. We’re sure he has enough jewellery…



What do we think?



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