Now if you know Tamar Braxton then you know she ALWAYS has something to say and today is no different.


Yes, during an 80’s themed upcoming episode of Braxton’s daytime talk show, ‘The Real’, the singer/reality TV star gave her opinion on the most recent rally for presidential joke candidate, Donald Trump, in which Trump forcibly demanded an African American woman to be removed.


Boy did she have a lot to say and we are here for every bit of it. Watch the full clip below:



Let the church say Amen!



We are right there with you Tamar! It’s not often that we report on politics here at TeamCurtains but when it intersects with pop culture we must indulge. We are no fans of Entrepreneur, Reality TV Personality, and The Great Pumpkin Donald Trump and from the looks of the last republican debate, it seems as though ALL the Republican candidates are jokes. With that being said, Trump is definitely the greater of two evils.; His comments against minorities and general ignorance to policy and politics has even been compared to the likes of Hitler. Don’t believe us? Check this out!




We are amazed he still has supporters.


Now we’re not all that knowledgeable about the in’s and out’s of running for president but based on Trump’s comments and actions even at this stage in the race shouldn’t he be disqualified? A person shouldn’t be able to do and say the things he does and still run for president and if that is allowed, at some point the the United State’s criteria for president HAS to be re-evaluated because if Trump is able to run and get this far then there is definitely something wrong there.


Despite what we think, it doesn’t change the fact that there are actual idiots people who take Trump seriously and are voting for him. We must take the responsibility to vote as well and make our voice heard! The next face of America will not be an orange one.



What do you think of Trump? What do you think of Tamar’s comments?

Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Mack 


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