Meet Elle’s 2016 must-see women in TV! Not only are they beautiful but all talented, thus emanating from these magazine covers shows you how gorgeous these women of colors are!


They also open up about the struggle they face as women in their career and what they’re thankful for. According to Best Actress Nominee for the Golden Globes & How To Get Away With Murder star Viola Davis:



We’ve been fed a whole slew of lies about women.” By TV standards, “if you are anywhere above a size 2, you’re not having sex. You don’t have sexual thoughts. You may not even have a vagina. And if you’re of a certain age, you’re off the table.


Empire Star And Golden Globe winner for Best Actress In A TV Series Taraji P.Henson talked about her character of Cookie:



It was very important to me that [Cookie Lyon] not be sassy and neck-rollin’ and eye-bulgin’ and attitude all the time. Everything she does is coming from a place of fighting for her family. That’s why she’s not a caricature.


Quantico star and Hindi actress Priyanka Chopra put to the question the idea of “having it all.”



Why should a woman have to pick between global domination and having the love of her life?


Pick your copies and read the whole interviews, available worldwide on January 19th.


Which Cover Was Your Fav?


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