If this is what they are teaching in grade school nowadays then get us a book bag and a juice box because we are going back right now!


New Orleans, LA school teacher Ciera Paul remixed the lyrics of Beyoncé’s most recent hit, ‘Formation’, to help her seventh grade class at ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy learn a little geometry and it was EVERYTHING!


Check out the clip after the jump and peep the girl in the black sweatshirt (she came to slay)



“I bring A’s home in my bag, Swag.”


We were not prepared for the extreme level of cuteness in this video! This is absolute proof that Beyoncé makes everything better…even MATH!




In an interview with ABC News Paul said that she wrote the lyrics in 30 minutes and had her students practice it over the course of two weeks to help them remember how to find the area of a circle in geometric equations. Paul went on to say:


“It’s just something out of the box that the kids can relate to. The kids are looking for something that’s fun and enjoyable, and adding a little song or dance makes [the lesson] more memorable for them,”


We are in love with this! So innovative, it’s almost up there with the ‘Get me Bodied’ remix that the pop diva herself made to motivate physical activity among children to prevent childhood obesity.



It’s great to see teachers take an interest in the music their students like and use it as a tool to help them rather than just looking at it as a distraction. Especially since we know Bey luh the kids!



What do you think of this educational remix? Let us know in the comments below!




Written by Mack

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