It’s probably fair to say that most of the Celebrity April Fools jokes this year were less than impressive.


We can’t say if this can be credited to the rise of social media with everyone expecting it…or if they were just weak, pants, *brown steaming heap-pile emoji*…not very good!


So we tried to collate some of the ones we thought this year weren’t too bad anyway, check them out below:



1. Google Maps goes Pac-Man


Google Maps replaced the viewing option to their maps by adding an Pac-Man option next to the Street View tab.


When you clicked the icon your location on your map turned into the maze game with all the Pac-Man trimmings.


You will only appreciate this if you are from a certain era…if she doesn’t know about Pac-Man…shes too young for you Bro!



A maze-ing … Pac-Man comes to Google Maps


2. Katy Perry Does The Big Chop…Kris Jenner Style


The pop singer posted a selfie to her Instagram page of rocking a new hairstyle, which may we add looked so nice.


But apparently it wasn’t meant to be, instead this was an April fools prank and she was in fact wearing a wig. Do you think Katy should actually consider the big chop?






3. Katie Couric Punks James Corden


Katie Couric welcomed actor turned talk show host James Corden to his new gig on TV network CBS‘S The Late Late Show by scaring him half to death, this was brilliant.


James introduced the Journalist as his next guest on the show, as he calls her out, he watched in horror as she topples down the stairs, only to find out later it was in fact a stunt double, the host himself was not aware of until Katie called him from the top of the stairs.





4. UberBoat Launches In Thailand


Now apparently this service had already existed, who knew? Well, talk about branching out and expanding… Uber are playing no games.


But the actual prank is where the service was launched for passengers stuck in the floods in Thailand. Now we think about it…is this even funny?





5. Waka Flocka’s Pornhub Sextape


So a sex tape of rapper Waka Flocka Flame emerged online, which the rapper was less than impressed about as he tweeted “Trust no b-tch”.


But this was actually an April Fools joke used as a form of promotion for an actual song and video titled ‘Bust’ (nicely titled btw Waka) with 36Brickhouse and Pornhub Records.



Pornhub Records? So this is actually a thing? Well, we’ll be damned but get in there where you can we guess.


But how is this for a coincidence, the Atlanta rapper also dropped his latest mixtape Salute Me or Shoot Me 4 on April 1st. Well why not, we are sure people have done and thought of much worse marketing strategies.






6. Rihanna Pranks Jimmy Kemmel at 1AM


The above title says it all.


Pop/R&B/Trap Queen singer Rihanna got the wife of Jimmy Kimmel, Molly to join in on the gag.


The prank saw Rihanna and her partners-in-prank creep into the room of the sleeping talk show host and put on a full performance of her new single BBHMM…oh yes and this took place at 1:00 o’clock in the morning!


Watch the full prank below:








What are the best pranks you’ve experienced or seen for April Fools 2015?





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