R&B Soul singer Teedra Moses is famously known for her songs ‘Be Your Girl,’ ‘No More Tears,’ ‘Backstroke’ & even more recently her single ‘All I Ever Wanted,’ off her latest album Cognac & Conversation.


But what so many don’t know is she is the pen behind so many of your favs… Christina Milian’s ‘Dip It Low’ peaked at No. 5 on US Billboard Hot 100 & No. 2 on the UK singles chart and stands as Christina’s biggest international hit. Other R&B gems such as Nivea, SWV, Raphael Saadiq, Macy Gray & LHHH’s Teairra Marí have also been lucky enough to sing a Moses written song, so when we were called for a 20 minute sit down with Teedra it was only right that we note those not so commonly known accomplishments & find out if she has plans to write for any of the current POP R&B favs such as Rihanna, or even Beyonce!


Speaking on her writing submissions Teedra sights Mary J. Blige:


“I don’t submit very often, especially of late, Mary’s working on her album,” Teedra said. “The records that I place, it’s always been like ‘oh we want that‘ you know, it was like not me submitting,” Teedra continued, “I really wanna have a record on Mary’s album because I love her and there’s certain things I wanna hear her say for me, certain things I wanna hear her sing for me, you know and for me people like me that like just… I love Mary and I wanna hear her in that place, at least one record, in that place of why I grew to love her.”


Speaking on Rihanna’s new ANTI album, Teedra said:


“I trust her with all my heart, she’s an artist that I trust her with all my heart, she’s not going to let me down, like she’s so true to herself… I’m not gonna say certain things because the Beyhive will catch me but I love her more than any other POP artist.”


Watch the video interview, below:



Did you miss the first part of the interview?! Don’t worry we got you. Teedra Moses addresses the success of Blue Eyed Soul:



Could you see Rihanna singing a Teedra penned hit?




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