Disney star Zendaya pays tribute to the Broadway musical Finding Neverland which features actor from Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston. He also produced this musical based on Peter Pan’s author J.M.Barrie. Dancing With The Stars‘ Maksim Chmerkovskiy also features in the music video.


At just 19-years of age, this multi-talented young lady already has the single featured on the compilation album Finding Neverland.


Zendaya team curtains


The actress/ singer continues to promote her recent TV show K.C. Undercover, which includes theme song “Keep It Undercover” performed by her.


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During a recent interview in Dubai’s radio station, the singer has revealed that her new album is scheduled to be released in February and a Timbaland-produced song called “Close Up” is the first buzz single. The song and its official fashion film video premiered last year, on November 12th.


Zendaya Team Curtains 2


Lead single from the album is the song, “Something New”, which is expected to be released on February 5th. Producer Harvey Weinstein added:


“Zendaya is one of the most vibrant, talented performers on the scene right now and we are beyond thrilled that she could lend her talents in this brilliant new video and adaption of Neverland,” “Brad, Maks and Ian collaborated gorgeously with her to perfectly replicate the story’s magical spirit and get audiences excited for the Broadway production all over again.”


Zendaya went on to say: “I am so excited to tell the story of ‘Neverland’ through my own lens, It was an honor to act alongside Bryan Cranston, and so great to reunite with Maks and Ian, who both helped bring a cool and edgier vibe to the video through their choreography. I hope my fans are as inspired by ‘Neverland’ as I was inspired by ‘Finding Neverland’ on Broadway.”


According to MTV.com “Neverland” was released last summer, but finally got the music video release on Monday, Jan. 25th.


Through the confidence of song Zendaya pulls off a combination of hairdo transformations created by hair stylist Larry Simms including the first signature style, the oversized cornrows and 2 more distinctive looks, one using hair extensions for a volumised affect and a sleek side parted sophisticated bun.


Check out this next installment from Zendaya, below:



Finding Neverland: The Album is out now; a companion piece to the musical with artists — including Nick Jonas, Jennifer Lopez, Ellie Goulding and Christina Aguilera – all songs performed from the musical.


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