The Shumpert’s gave us a sexy shooting for Valentine Day! Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert are THE Family Goals!



The R&B Singer and Cavaliers Star show us a playful and stylish photo shoot for the mens fashion magazine. The shooting was shot at their home in Cleveland, and by the time for print the couple were named the ‘sexiest couple on earth!’


Wearing bathing suits, tuxedos and lots of animal print. Mr. and Ms Shumpert show their body in the steamy photos. There’s some pictures of the family with their baby girl Iman Jr. (aka Baby Junie) in a driver seat of her own pink car. Also, it’s a top luxury vehicle while her parents pose it up. In the others shots Teyana and Iman show off their toned body in the gym and they also have some fun in the Kitchen.



Read more about their parenthood in the following interview


ON FUN IN CLEVELAND: “We actually have a ball. I ain’t even going to front. We love the movies. Also we love a  movie and popcorn night at the hose as well. And We like good restaurants. We take Junie to Chuck E. Cheese’s. When you’re with the person you don’t mind being with all everyday, y’all could be like West Bumblefuck and still have a great time.”


ON THEIR BABY JUNIE: “She eats, sleeps just like Iman. Same pose. They’re both greedy. They both love to poop. They’re so alike in so many ways. And then she’s like me as far as the curious parts. I’m like Curious George. My friends call me Jimmy Neutron. I’m always into gadgets and different stuff.”


ON BEING AT HOME: “We’re busuy looking for Junie. Because she’s crawling and trying to walk now, and my husband’s like, ‘Okay, Junie’s way too quiet. Where’s Junie?’ She walked somewhere, and she’s like twelve steps up with something in her mouth that shouldn’t be in her mouth. The majority of the time, we’ll put Junie nap, and we love naps, all three of us.”


Junie, man, Junie’s the best. Because she kind of just be rolling with the homies, she’s cool with the vibe. We sleep, she sleeps. We’re up, she’s up. We move around, she moves around. Except when me and Iman be lovey-dovey, then she can be cock-blockin.”



See more images from the shoot here



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