Since R&B group TGT had decided to part ways, things have seemingly gotten from bad to worse with the only members who were thought to still be cool with each other.

Welp…this week has proven that not to be the case after former members Tyrese and Tank go back and forth with each other via social media.


What is it with grown men having virtual beefs? It certainly isn’t what you’d expect from the lifestyle guru himself, Mr Positive energy, Tyrese.

But hey, no one is perfect and every relationship goes through it’s moments we guess, just would have expected a little better from these two gentlemen.


Last year, all seemed oh so good, especially after Team Curtains’ own Nathan Devonte sat down with Tank for an interview, where it seemed we may have been close to a follow up album from the group. Well, that soon took a turn after issues within the group resulted in them calling time on TGT.

It sounded as if Tyrese and Tank had plans on continuing without Ginuwine, that was until when asked about the group possibly reuniting, Tank decided to let the papz in on some new tea this week.


Tyrese still doesn’t want to split the money equally, so we’re done,” the singer told TMZ.


Undoubtedly, the Fast and Furious actor may have been less than impressed with being put on blast like that and did what? Took it to the gram with a meme which read ‘Guess who doesnt have to explain sh*t to anybody’.

Tyrese captioned the meme “@therealtank – I see we taking it to TMZ levels now……. I love you too….. Let me know when we gonna get the next play date locked in Shayla keeps asking about Zoey……. #Family.”


Then of course, Tank responds:




Yeeeeah, it didn’t quite end there as Tyrese then decided to upload a video of him listening to Drake’s ‘Back to Back‘…captioning the video with the following:


“I drove here in the #Wraith playin AR-AB I’m not really sure what I did to make y’all mad I guess this is what I gotta do to make y’all sell I mean whooooaaaaaa.”


The ‘Already in Love‘ singer responded with the only way there is to respond on Instagram, with a meme of course, letting the world and Tyrese know that he carried most of the weight of the group with writing and producing. The meme read, “He plays Drake but I write his verse, my verse, and produce the song.”  


To round all of this up, it then continued with Tyrese stating that he makes $150,000 a show….





To which Tank seemed to have found uncontrollably funny responding with the following video letting his one time friend know that he can’t even get his music played on mainstream radio.





Do you think Tyrese was going to have his former bandmate call him a liar without proof? These days you better have reciepts in these beefs, its that deep. Ha!



Drama in #TGT! #Tyrese responds to #Tank (see previous post)

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Petty, petty petty! Now at the moment we’re pretty sure it ended there, but who knows what can happen in a couple of hours. Guys do we need to Iyanla to come and fix this mess? It’s just too much.



Your Thoughts?



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