Oh how the might have fallen?


So apparently it has been confirmed/denied that the Kardashian family indeed have closed a big deal with E! for their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashian, however TMZ has reported the amount was incorrect and instead is stated to be $80 million and not $100 million…



NBCUniversal called the $100 mil story “grossly inaccurate.” But our sources connected with the network say the word “grossly” may be grossly inaccurate, because we’re told best case scenario they could earn in the $80 million range (with ratings bonuses) for 3 seasons with an option for a 4th.


We’re also told the deal is all-encompassing and includes all of the work the family and individuals do for the network.


And get this … Y chromosomes are personae non gratea for the new deal. We’re told Scott Disick has his own deal outside the Kardashians and Rob will only get paid per episode if he ends up on the show at all. As for Bruce — he’ll only look like a double X — but we’re told his X and Y chromosomes are not part of the deal either.


As for why NBCUniversal put out such an unusual statement … our sources say they don’t want it out there that the cash register drawer opened in a big way, although we’re told the original report definitely had over-inflated numbers.


[Via TMZ]


 What’s your thoughts?



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