Everyone is talking about Grammy nominated R&B artist Kehlani Parrish. The 20 year old singer/song writer, known simply as Kehlani, was at the center of a media storm this week when it was reported that she had been hospitalized for attempted suicide after rumors surfaced that she had cheated on boyfriend and NBA point guard, Kyrie Irving.


Parrish and Irving had been exclusively dating since January 2016 however, it was apparent that things had changed in their relationship this week when fellow musician and OVO artist, PartyNextDoor, posted a picture on Instagram of the ‘Anti-Summer Luv’ singer in his bed.


This sparked a media frenzy and a lot of cyber bullying across all social media platforms, soon there were blogs and people alike labeling Kehlani a “cheater” and calling her names like “thot” and “hoe”. It wasn’t long before there were false reports that Parrish had been found dead in her bathroom at home after committing suicide.


The R&B songstress quickly took to social media to clarify the harsh rumors and explain to her fans what really happened:




“God saved me for a reason” That’s right, you better say that girl!


So, after being publicly ridiculed and berated for the false cheating rumors Kehlani was extremely overwhelmed with emotion and tried to end her life but she still here and she’s still standing strong. But that didn’t stop the haters from commenting and speculating that Parrish’s attempt was more of a “cry for attention.” So even from the confines of a hospital bed the ‘Down For You’ diva clapped back!




Long story short she never cheated, Kehlani and PND were in a relationship first but broke things off. She then began dating Irving but realized shortly after that she was still in love with her ex and the two split and she decided to follow her heart. While Kehlani shouldn’t have to explain herself or the situation, we’re glad to see her clear her name after this ordeal and see her relationship with PND grow even stronger.


She even posted this picture of PND with the caption that read “Thank you for saving my life.”





Bless her heart.


Since her attempt all posts social media posts involved in this matter, from both PND and Kehlani, have been deleted and it is reported that Kehlani plans to leave Instagram indefinitely. Suicide is nothing to be played with we are praying for her recovery.



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Written by Mack

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