Remember girl band All Saints? Of course you do.

The girls were definitely the answer to a cooler, more real alternative version to the Spice Girls after bursting onto the scenes off the back of the Girl Power movement of the ‘zig-a-zig-ah’ pop stars.


These ladies were not going to be your bubble gum pop singing chicks, they wanted to come with just a little more flava. From Bootie Calls to even offering the odd rap in of course what was acceptable back then, an American accent….just awks!


The girls were of the moment giving us a fusion of pop, r&b, hip-pop if you will, garage and electro pop.


Shaznay Lewis, Melanie Blatt, Natalie and Nicole Appleton‘s 1997 debut single off of their self titled album, ‘I Know Where It’s At‘ entered number 4 in the charts with their second follow up hit single ‘Never Ever‘ making it to number 1.


This lead the trail for follow up singles ‘Under The Bridge‘, ‘Lady Marmalade‘ and ‘Bootie Call‘ which also made chart history hitting the all important number 1 spot.


The girls were clearly on fire, winning and being nominated for awards for their first album, and proving they could continue in success with their follow-up,  Saints & Sinners.

The second album saw hit single ‘Pure Shores‘, written for the movie soundtrack for 2000 film, The Beach and possibly considered the girls most successful single to date.


Here’s a little reminder of the ladies chart success…



Source: Hot Music Charts


Looking back at this we are glad that Shaznay’s weaves improved as the years went on!


The girls took a 5 year break after the album returning in 2006…remember any singles released?

Neither do we, but what we do remember is Shaznay Lewis returning with freckles on her face that we don’t remember seeing years before.

That said, the third album Studio 1‘s first single ‘Rock Steady‘ peaked at number 3 on the charts, but the album only making it to position 40 in the charts.


So what’s happened since then? Who knows, marriage, babies…a question they will have to answer a lot now they have returned.

For the here and now, after 10 years the quartet are back with a new album Red Flag due for release April 8th, and have lead with new single ‘One Strike‘.



Here it is… #RedFlag full tracklisting!! 🚩

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Is a comeback ever really a good idea for bands? They aren’t alone with the return of Irish band, The Corrs. How will they fair in today’s fickle British music industry?

Because lets face it, an attempt to reignite the flame with a comebacks rarely goes to plan and ultimately horribly fails, no matter how much fans may want it to work out. That said, whatever happened to the original Sugababes?


Anywho, the ladies were spotted at the Elle Style Awards this week, looking fabulous and wearing 40 well we must say.



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Making the promotional rounds All Saints will be performing a gig at Koko in Camden on April 4th.



Take a listen to ‘One Strike’:





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