Happy Throwback Thursday Good People! As we get closer to the weekend Team Curtains is jamming to some oldies but goodies that can still get the party going and help us forget that Summer is almost over!


Since we nice folks over here we want to help you too and take you right back…So whether you’re in your car, at work, getting your hair did or in a cubicle getting ready to turn up… join in – but pay attention to the road and don’t get fired!


team curtains missy timbaland


Look familiar?! First up we have Miss Supa Dupa Fly herself Missy Misdemeanor Elliott with her mega hit ‘Work It,‘ you can’t tell us you don’t jump out your seat every time someone smart enough play this song:



Now we can’t talk about Missy without making her super eclectic new-ish artist Sharaya J‘s and her hard-hitting lead single ‘Banji,’ part of this ‘Get yo life’ run down! Not familiar? Well you better click here and catch up!



Well since Missy’s whole camp is dope we may as well hit you with another one that’s guaranteed to get you dancing and you might have forgotten about… Timbaland & Magoo‘s 1998 hit ‘Luv 2 Luv You,’ from their debut album Welcome To Our World.



Yep, you can thank us now or later cause we sure know by now (if your clicked the vids) you are in a happy zone, dancing & reminiscing, but like we said we will not be held responsible for you jamming instead of working or dancing when you should be doing something else… You’re welcome!




Have A Good Day Ya’ll



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