Look at what the wind blew in. Ms. Tiffany Evans, where you been at?!


Yes, you remember Tiffany Evans don’t you? She first debuted as the pint sized tween with a big voice who sang ‘Who Am I?’ for the soundtrack to the Disney film Tarzan II.  She then went on to star in Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and venture off to her own music career, collaborating with artists like Ciara and Bow wow. Last we heard from Tiffany was in 2014 with her catchy single ‘Baby Don’t Go’ but shortly after she pulled a disappearing act to focus on living her personal life.


Well the ‘Promise Ring’ prima donna is back and has graced us with a remix of Chris Brown’s latest hit ‘Back to Sleep’ and she did not disappoint. Check it out after the jump:




We have seen Tiffany grow up in front of our very eyes and even though she is now 23 years old and a mother, when it comes to music, it has always been a bit hard for us to see her as the full grown woman that she truly is. But dare we say we are starting to see her blossom into her new adult sound?!


Psst…Tiffany, your womanhood is showing… and we like it!!


We hope she can pull out more tracks like this soon. It should be a musical sin not to with a voice like that. Maybe a mixtape is in the works?


How do you like Tiffany Evan’s ‘Back to Sleep’ Remix? You feeling it or nah?

Let us know in the comments!


Written by Mack

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