Chicago rap sensation Tink, announced on Twitter earlier in month that new music in the form of Winter’s Diary 3 would be released this month, unlike some artists (*cough* Frank Ocean, Tamar Braxton) she stayed true to her word.




This is Tink’s third mixtape from the Winter’s Diary series and the 10-track mixtape hold production credits such from C-Sick, Cookin Soul, Jean Abrams and of course from her mentor Timbaland.


Tink samples Beyoncé’s slow jam track ‘Yes’ on track ‘There’s somebody else,’ and let’s just say with its lyrical flow and vocal offering it’s our favourite Jam from the new project.


This ternion is a great continuation from her previous two mixtapes; keeping the music true to her R&B focus and has built a strong anticipation for her to eventually release a studio album?!



The debut album Think Tink will follow shortly featuring more production from Timbo, a collaboration with Missy Elliott and the Aaliyah-sampled single ‘Million,‘ we are awaiting the release date!


Get into Winter’s Diary 3, below:



We Rated the mixtape with a 7/10.



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