As you may have heard, Black Hollywood royalty/power couple, Duane and Tisha Campbell-Martin, have filed for bankruptcy, claiming that they are in a deep debt of a whopping $15 million! However, according to recent reports, this may only be the beginning of their legal troubles.


teamcurtainsduanetishaoldFor those of you unfamiliar with the pair, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin, separately, have dominated both the big and small screen and have kept us laughing throughout the years with their iconic roles on television in shows such as Martin, My Wife and Kids, and All of Us, just to name a few. The two married in 1996 and now 20 years later they continue to thrive in the entertainment industry and frequently appear alongside everybody’s favorite little person comedian, Kevin Hart, on Real husbands of Hollywood.



Well despite their combined list of accomplishments, the comedic couple may be bringing the funny, but not the finances. The Martins filed for bankruptcy back in January of 2016 after running into issues involving real estate.


Check out Tisha explain their reasoning below:




Aw damn Gina…


Now we know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t answer the question of how a successful Television actress/singer and her equally successful Television/Movie star husband land themselves in $15 million worth of debt?! Well, according to court documents it is revealed that the couple owes:

  • $208,611 in tax debt
  • $113,000 in student loan debt
  • $3 million in liability to Broadway Federal Bank for a personal guaranty for a real estate loan they took out
  • $9.5 million to the City of Los Angeles for a personal guaranty
  • $82,000 in back state taxes for 2005 & 2011
  • $86,000 to New York State Department of Taxation
  • $30,000 to the State Board of Equalization.


We’re not that great at math but that seems like A LOT!


teamcurtainsthemartins3Our peeps over at the dailymail reported that, in addition to their sky-high debt, the Martins claim that their joint monthly income is $7,655 and that their monthly expenses averaged out to be over $16,000, qualifying them for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.


All thing considered, everything seemed well until it was reported this week that that the two were hit with a federal lawsuit on Friday, April 1st after suspicion was raised that they were hiding funds to avoid payment on their bankruptcy claim, but this was no joking matter.



See, when anyone files for bankruptcy they must list all assets of value and sources of income. In addition to the couple’s periodic stint on Real Husbands of Hollywood, Tisha also appears alongside Hangover star Ken Jeong in his ABC sitcom, Dr. Ken. The Martins are now being accused of hiding over $200,000 in payments from Tisha’s work on the prime time show in an effort to avoid paying the bankruptcy trustee.


DR. KEN - Dr. Ken Park has a pretty sweet life. A smart and beautiful wife who still wants to have sex with him every now and then, two decent kids and a job in which he gets to help people on a daily basis. If he could only relax, get out of his own way and stop second-guessing everyone and everything around him, Dr. Ken would be just fine. But that's not likely to happen anytime soon! (ABC/Danny Feld) TISHA CAMPBELL-MARTIN


In the court documents the couple listed their production company, XE Visions, which contracts all of Tisha’s entertainment endeavors, including her performances on television, and receives payment for them. However, shortly after filing for bankruptcy, Tisha is now being accused of creating another company named “Won Hundred” to collect funds for her acting services despite already having her other company, XE Visions, which does the the same thing, raising suspicions of the couple’s candor regarding their true financial situation.


If the rumor mill serves us correct then the couple also has few other expenses landing them in hot water as well. Talk show host and Queen of Hot Topics, Wendy Williams, took to her daytime talk show to spill ALL the tea on the The Martins and break down the story in its entirety. (click here to WATCH)


The couple and their bankruptcy claim is reportedly being investigated and is still pending.


We feel for these two, we know the struggle of ducking and dodging bill collectors, especially Sallie Mae (She is ruthless). Despite Tisha’s claim that their situation is not as bad as it is currently being reported, it is still a sad thing to see, we love Tisha and Duane and we hope they can make it through this difficult time.


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Written by Mack

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