Earlier this year, R&B group TLC teamed up with Kickstarter connecting with their fans to ask them to donate in support of raising money for what will be their next album.


Fans, who pledged $5 or more, will have a say in which popular tracks the duo will remix to go on the album as well as receiving exclusive rewards such as a custom TLC voicemail, a workout class with Chilli, a signed vinyl and clothing from their previous videos. Their initial goal was to raise $150,000 however, TLC passed that amount raising a whopping $430,255!


The R&B duo have vowed to spend any extra funds raised on the album, they wrote on Kickstarter:


The more funds that we raise means more access to the best producers, writers and talent in the business!!!”


If you grew up in the 90’s you will be well aware of the impact and influence TLC had as they came with something new to the scene which granted them a huge success. Even without the group’s third member Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, who had passed away in a car crash back in 2002, TLC fans clearly still want to hear music from the now duo.


And it’s nice to know that 13 years later, the fans and TLC themselves have not lost hope of what will be their final farewell album, the fans are still dedicated to the girl band, and have definitely pulled through.


Even a few famous fans chipped in… 2015’s Superbowl headliner Katy Perry is said to have donated $5k receiving in exchange for an all-nighter/slumber party with the girls. Other donators include New Kids On The Block who splashed out $20k, rapper Soulja Boy, Bette Midler and Dev Hynes – just to name a few. Congrats to them!


TLC Team Curtains


Here’s some nostalgia for you, which would definitely explain how the group surpassed their initial goal of $150,000…



Do you remember when they went from tomboy teenagers, and turnt up the sex appeal?



Or the classic hit ‘No Scrubs’ that still gets played in the clubs. Taken from the album Fanmail, below:



That will always be a tune! And sure made its mark in popular culture. Did you know that the hit single was penned by former Xscape members Kandi Burrus and Tameka ‘Tiny’ Cottle-Harris?


Do you guys remember the comeback single by Sporty ThievesNo Pigeons‘?

The battle between the sexes was real, with the girls singing No scrubs, and boys singing No pigeons… ahhh the memories.


And finally, here was a song made from a poem written by group member T-Boz which focused on the struggles of self-image, which today is still very relevant and even more so with the obsession of cosmetic surgery!



We hope that the supergroup will be teaming up with the best writers and producers in the game to serve the fans that hot classic we deserve!






Are you as excited for this new album release?





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