The trailer of the highly anticipated Marvel Franchise movie Fantastic Four, is here and set for summer release.


Michael B. Jordan teases fans by saying, “It’s not your typical superhero’s film”. As with most Marvel films details of this movie have been kept hush-hush with even cast members stating “scene changes and adaptations are being made everyday”. 


After the report of actress Kate Mara’s mistranslated comments came out, fans have been eager to get details on the upcoming movie, and so this trailer release has come not a moment too soon. We know the skeleton of the story; teens coming to terms with their new-found abilities. So what more does  Josh Trank have in store for us?


Director, Josh Trank, has stated that the science fiction aspect of this movie will set it apart from “most other superhero genre films.”




Will the release date be marked in your calendar?

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