It hard to believe that 10 years has passed since the original installment of Noel Clarke‘s ‘Kidulthood‘ film franchise, with the anniversary seeing the third movie release, Brotherhood,’ for the film series.


Clarke will resume his character as Sam, but who is unlikely to return is Adam Deacon in the role of Jay, after Deacon was given a restraining order and later convicted of harassing the British film director last year.


In the sequel to ‘Kidulthood’, we saw Sam serving time for murdering Trevor in the first film, which upon his release then led to being man-hunted by Trevor’s loved ones. Adulthood ended with Sam’s survival as he hid out at the house of a new love interest. It will be interesting to see how this story continues on.


One thing you can rely on Noel Clarke for is to put on British talent in his movies, and this time is no different as he keeps it current as the new movie stars Brit rapper and man of the moment, Stormzy. Going by the trailer this does look like one to watch, check it out.





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