The battle of caramel and chocolate is back on and surprisingly it’s not Drake and Meek Mill this time!


Since their collaboration nearly five years ago that had every girl wanting to ‘Strip’ off her clothes, R&B singer hit maker Chris Brown and Rapper Kevin McCall have had nothing but bad blood brewing.


According to initial reports, no one quite knew where things went left for the duo, who were once close acquaintances in the music industry. However we believe it may have started when Kevin (Mc) called Chris out in an interview with VladTV where he spoke about having to “check” the ‘Say Goodbye’ singer. Check it out!



In the video McCall explained:


“So Keke Palmer hit me up, she was a fan of mine. She wanted to work. [Producer] Harmony Samuels, from my church, he wrote with Chris Brown, did some stuff for him off his Fame album, he asked me to help him out on that and I did the video for it. Chris was upset about it.”


Beginning to make sense? See, years ago Kevin McCall had signed to Chris Brown’s label, Chris Brown Entertainment (we know, such a clever title) and by the two having a differing opinion on working with Keke Palmer and the overall direction of McCall’s career forged a rift between the two and stalled Kevin’s career.


After a series of tweets & memes, (and a lot of incorrect grammar) it was clear the feud had reached an all-time high and neither artist held back any punches. Kevin started the exchange in hopes to really sit down and talk to Chris by tweeting the following




Despite McCall not expecting a response, these tweets sparked a lengthy (now deleted) clapback from Brown in which he says to McCall “you thought you were a better producer and writer than the n*gga you are today” as the root of their issue with one another. 



To which McCall responded:



But Chris quickly struck back with this gem:


A photo posted by @chrisbrownofficial on






Chris definitely wins championship belt for the shade-a-thon that transpired between these two. However, if there’s is any truth to what either of them are saying we might have to side with Kevin on this. If there is so much tension then its best if they part ways socially as well as professionally.What do you guy think about this latest celebrity feud?


Are you Team Breezy or Team Kevin?

Let us know in the comments below!





Written by Mack

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