Actor and movie-producing tycoon, Tyler Perry brings Madea back to life in brand new horror comedy Boo! A Madea Halloween.


Madea is back as her normal take-no-sh*t-from-nobody attitude in the eerie trailer for the film. Her oblivious and tough cookie persona assures us that the film will be hilarious due to the contrasting themes.


The film will be about Madea being hired by her son (also played by Tyler Perry) to watch his daughter (played by Diamond White) and prevent her from going to a local Halloween party. Madea then arrives with her friends and strange paranormal activity stuff starts happening. And everyone knows it’s not a real Madea movie without some royal ass whoopings and inappropriate and stereotypical humour.




The trailer shows that the film will be both funny and scary and we can’t wait to see it!
There’s no doubt anything will get this pensioner down. Not even zombies, evil clowns and haunted houses.


Watch the trailer, here:



Will you be watching this movie?



Written by Luke

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