I’m never not looking good” – Patti LaBelle


What you have to love about Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club is the odd surprise of diversity in guests.


The legend that is Miss Patti LaBelle dropped by the New York morning show, and you know they have music royalty in the building when Charlamagne Tha God is respectful and on his best behaviour, even as he admitted to having a crush on her as he explains her Son had to check him on it.

It is a rarity to see Charlamagne not talking crazy, other than in the Jay Z and Onyx interviews.


During the half an hour sit down, Miss Patti spoke on the success of her Patti Sweet Potato Pies, which has been the talk all over the internet the last couple of weeks.

Speaking on the overwhelming sellout of her pies after a YouTube review from James Wright, Miss LaBelle says that more are currently being made to return to supermarket shelves very soon.

The music pioneer also says she will be serving the ready-made pies for thanksgiving, instead of making one from scratch as the recipes are just as authentic as her own.


Often speaking in third person, assured of her legendary status and age, we are sure, Patti remained humble and sweet as one of her pies.

The 71-year-old ‘Lady Marmalade’ singer says that she is willing to take chances now, describing opportunities like Dancing with the Stars opening her up to a wider younger audience.


Although Miss Patti kept it all the way classy throughout the interview, she did mention that one time she had to get a fan right and kick him off stage as he got a little to excited and decided he wanted to give her a strip tease.


There was well deserved moments of laughter in the interview, one being when she kept it all the way real when discussing going through 20-years of menopause which she doesn’t take anything for, but instead saying “I flash like real women.”


Even with a career spanning over 45 years, the Grandmother of one is still open to dueting with younger artists, as long as the content is respectful and age appropriate for her, in her own description it would have to make ‘Pattisense’.

When asked if she would collaborate with rapper Fetty Wap, Miss Patti’s answer was the best, and had the radio hosts bursting out into laughter as she said, “Fetty Wap , I love that boy, with the one eye? I love him, he gangsta. I would do that in a heartbeat.” Would you be here for that duet?


Ending the interview for which she appeared to be disappointed to have it come to an end, Miss Patti gave some advice on sustaining a successful career. Find out her answer below.





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