We know what you’re thinking…and no, it isn’t North West.


Singer, reality star, and Brandy‘s little brother Ray J has been known to say some outlandish things but his latest remarks have really topped his usual brand of crazy. In a recent interview posted by the ‘Hollywood Street King’  YouTube channel, Ray J was asked about his well-known thotness promiscuity. In the clip Ray J can be heard going off on a tangent about his “wife” and the gruesome effects of childbirth as only as eloquently as he could.


Check out the clip, Skip to the :13 mark for the rant, below:




In case you couldn’t understand him. Here’s what he said:



“Listen … I’m on some Hugh Hefner sh*t, all these bitches know what’s up. I got some bread. I got a wife at home. All I wanna do is buss a n*t.

Right, and something else.

And something else? Of course. I don’t wanna buss a n*t in my wife. I seen my wife have a baby, a baby came out of her p***y. I don’t wanna that p***y no more. I seen a whole human being come out of that p***y … water, and all kind of sh*t followed … all kind of weird sh*t followed out of that p***y. I’m not eating that p***y not more. Of course I love my girl. That’s my pillowcase. I can’t wait to get home, watch TV, watch CNN, talk sh*t with my wife … be raggedy and fart … just be her husband …

Yeah. I don’t want to get wild and freaky n sh*t … where we turn on a porno and get loose … no, I’m not feeling you like that. You’re my wife!”



We’re just as confused as you are. Seems as though Ray J was speaking in a hypothetical sense. However, we still are not over the concept of him NOT wanting to impregnate his wife because the of the act of giving birth would turn him off. It seems as though he was insinuating that he’d rather get other women pregnant and have his wife all to himself, an even more bizarre concept. We have to say he DID sound like he was speaking from experience. Honestly, it wouldn’t be the biggest surprise if Ray J was someone’s baby-daddy.


According to our peeps over at RhymeswithSnitch.com, Ray J has since issued a cease and desist order for the Hollywood Street King to remove the video. However HSK is not backing down and is threatening to release even juicier dirt on the ‘One Wish’ singer.



What do you think? Is there a Ray J junior on the loose? God help us all. Kanye hide your kids and especially your wife!



Written by Mack

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