Do you remember Master P’s son Lil’ Romeo? Not so little anymore, the 25-year old rapper turned actor goes by his government name Romeo Miller. Early 2014 Miller was listed in the original cast of the ‘Chocolate City‘ movie before reports claimed Romeo had been kicked to the curb as he couldn’t keep up with the exotic steps.


The movie starring actors Michael Jai White, Tyson BeckfordRomeo Miller replaced by Robert Ri’chard, Vivica A. Fox, Carmen Electra amongst others. Jean-Claude LaMarre’s black male stripper film sets movie theatre release date for May 22nd, although public info for the specific cities in which the film will be released are still not available.


Well this morning we received a tip updating us on information about the child star. Read here:



“Hello Team Curtains


I’m an intern at a talent agency on the Avenue of the stars and I have a tip I want to share with you. Romeo Miller was supposed to be in the movie ‘Chocolate City’ but was replaced by another actor during taping and no real explanation was given. The truth is that he dropped out because Fox have approached him to play the character Sol Soleil in the TV adaptation of the book Baptiste and the curious case of kid kamikaze.


His old agent is now working with CAA and is trying to make sure he gets the role because it’s also been offered to the YouTube Vlogger Travie Williams, the model Omari Dixon and the singer August Alsina.


Romeo was talking about this role when he put this message up on one of his social media accounts. Fox plan to use the next season of Empire to promote the project and have already set up talks between Dana Walden and Zayn Malik because he’s shown interest in playing the character Hassan Khan.”



This sounds exciting! So many questions: wonder why Alsina didn’t make the cut? When can we expect to see a pilot? Where can we find the book?


Any how it looks as though Romeo is set to make TV impact in a new TV Series. We’ll update you when we hear more.We also reached out to Miller’s camp, but no response as yet.




Your thoughts are you excited to see Lil’ Romeo back in the limelight?




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