Superpower Beyoncé embraced the stage for the first time this year, showing us despite the break is not playing and remains the real MVP.


The ‘Yoncé’ singer turned 34-years old on september 4th, celebrating her birthday yesterday night as headliner at the Made in America Music Festival, closing out day 1 of the festival with a mega performance. Attending fans included; her daughter Blue Ivy, band mate Kelly Rowland, mother Tina Lawson and husband her Jay-Z.


Beyonce Team Curtains MIA tumblr_nu8sruIWIe1tguoxuo1_500


The birthday girl surprised fans as she came through with world exclusive additions to her songs, performing songs such as ‘7/11‘ and ‘Feelin’ Myself‘ (without Nicki Minaj who uploaded an Instagram selfie video of herself jamming in the crowd) for the first time live. The first lead singer added a few Destiny’s Child classics and made new remix mash-up additions to the set such as ‘End of time/ Grown Woman‘, ‘XO/ Halo/ 1+1‘ & a ‘Crazy In Love‘ medley. You could also hear mash-up music additions to include Nicki Minaj’s ‘Truffle Butter’, Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’, Lil’ Ronny MothaF’s ‘Circle’ to Bey’s set and audio quotes from Maya Angelou and Rhonda Rousey.


Here is the official set list:


1. Intro / Crazy In Love (Fifty Shades of Grey Remix)
2. Crazy In Love (Circle, Bootylicious, Truffle Butter Mash-Up)
3. I Care Interlude / I Care
4. 7/11 Interlude / 7/11
5. “I’m Not A Do-Nothing Bitch” Interlude
6. Diva
7. Survivor
8. Ring The Alarm (The Takeover, Independent Women, Naughty Girl, Run The World (Girls) Mash-Up)
9. Run The World (Girls)
10. “Feminist” Interlude
11. ***Flawless (Nasty Freestyle Mix)
12. Say My Name
13. Yoncé
14. Jumpin’, Jumpin’
15. “Back To Black” Interlude
16. Drunk In Love (Trap Queen Mix)
17. Feeling Myself
18. Partition
19. “Do you like sex?” Interlude
20. Ghost Interlude / Haunted
21. Blow
22. XO Interlude / XO
23. Halo
24. 1+1
25. Love On Top
26. “Phenomenal Woman” Interlude
27. End Of Time / Grown Woman (Mash-Up)
28. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)



Slayoncé rocked the stage, with an entire closet of scintillating sexy outfits from designers brands Charbel Zoé, Stello, Confetti, Hervé Leger with every last one of them say Bey looking flawless. We still can’t even decide which one was the prettiest!


Beyonce Team Curtains MIA tumblr_nu8sskgJTS1tguoxuo1_500 Beyonce Team Curtains MIA tumblr_nu8suiS4CF1tguoxuo1_500 Beyonce Team Curtains MIA tumblr_nu8svdHCLl1tguoxuo1_500 Beyonce Team Curtains MIA tumblr_nu8t088xVy1tguoxuo1_500


With thanks to Jay-Z’s music streaming TIDAL platform the people who did not attend were able to watch the show live, but with ALOT of stream interruptions… Despite that we were amazed, from the new chereography, dancers, musicianship, fashion and of course the sweet touch of the background vocalists “The Mamas” we were stung!


bey team curtains


To conclude the show, Bey thanked the crowd for this unforgettable moment by saying: “I’m so happy to celebrate my birthday with y’all. I love y’all. God bless you and goodnight.”


The Beyhydratation is now over, stream her whole performance over at!


Here’s Beyonce’s behind the scene footage:





What was your best performance pick?




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