Queen, why must you taunt us? We are in ‘Formation‘ and are ready for you to slay!


Yes, Beyhive as you may already know on Saturday April 16th at approximately 3 pm EST  Beyonce released a mysterious preview for what appears to be an HBO special titled LEMONADE on her personal Instagram and YouTube account. In the trailer the ‘Single Ladies’ singer can be seen resting her head on a car and sporting cornrows, (similar to her hairstyle from ‘The Writing on the Wall’ era back in her Destiny’s Child days), as she quietly whispers “What am I gonna do love, what am I going to do?”


We are asking ourselves the same thing Bey… THE suspense is killing us!



Check out the trailer after the jump:



We don’t even get to see her face? She so childish!


*sets all the reminders for April 23rd*


Since releasing the clip above, Beyonce has sent the internet into a full blown frenzy! Knowing the number 4 holds such significance to Mrs. Carter, Beyonce fans everywhere have been holding their breath since the start of April, anticipating another surprise album or single from the superstar.


Fans have even begun to speculate what Queen Bey has in store for”Project Lemonade” Most believe it may be an album-film which features new music. While no one is exactly sure what LEMONADE is, to say people are excited is a HUGE understatement.




We feel you Beyhive! Right on the cusp of kick-starting her Formation world tour, we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for her next move. As a matter of fact we think we can sum up everyone’s feelings on the matter in one simple video:



What are your thoughts on Project Lemonade?

Let us know in the comments below!





Written by Mack

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